Friday, September 16

Goal: Raise $23,000 for Field Trips



Register your child and enter pledges at FUNRUN.COM. Pledges help your child raise funds for the class field trips this year! As an incentive to earn pledges, students receive prizes based on their pledge generation.


While you cheer on your child and peers, volunteer to mark laps.

Powered by Boosterthon

The Boosterthon Fun Run is Rock Prairie’s primary fundraiser. The event takes place over the course of nine days – culminating in the actual Fun Run on September 16th – and focuses on promoting Fitness, Leadership, and Character. This will be our fourth year participating in Boosterthon, and thus far the response from students, teachers, and parents to this program has been amazing!
The Rockin’ Rangler Fun Run involves participation from all students as they learn valuable lessons and improve physical fitness.
4th Grade: If you meet your Boosterthon fundraising goal, we are bringing you a special Color Run!

Color Run Promo Video from Boosterthon Fun Run on Vimeo.

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