PTO Guidelines

Rock Prairie Elementary PTO Guidelines 

Updated 9/8/2016 


a. Access to campus for official PTO work, meetings and activities must meet all safety and security criteria for CSISD. EVERY PTO Board, Committee member, and volunteer must have completed the CSISD Volunteer report (online for the 2016-2017 school year) and be approved by the district. You can complete the process at

b. Officer & Non-officer board members, on campus for PTO activities must follow the standard procedure for school visits, including checking in and out with the office staff, and providing your driver’s license or other government issued ID.

c. In an effort to reduce the interruption to the teachers, students, and RP faculty, the PTO has adopted the following policy with regard to bringing younger (non-school age) siblings with you to campus to conduct PTO business.

c.i. For any PTO activity requiring time in the classroom, please check with the teacher before bringing younger siblings. Our goal as a PTO is to help facilitate and enhance the learning experience for all children who attend RP. Younger siblings can be a distraction in the classroom, especially during instructional time.

c.ii. For any activity before school, after school, or that which does not require a visit to a classroom please use your own discretion. However, we do request, even if not working around, or with RP students, that you maintain a low noise level at all times. Please do not allow children to run in the classrooms, meeting rooms, hallways, or other public areas of the school.

d. The PTO has a designated meeting/work space, The teacher’s lounge during non-lunch hours or the workroom counters at other times. When working in these areas, please be mindful that you are in a teacher work area. Teacher needs come first, and volunteers must make the copier and space available for teachers as they need it. Please keep noise and activity in the hallway to a minimum during the instructional day (7:45am – 3:05pm), and be respectful of class instruction taking place. If other areas of the school need to be used for PTO work (conference room, library, office, etc.), please defer to the RP staff if they need to use the space, and make sure you make arrangements with the school secretary for any use of a room other than our PTO workspace. Please keep the PTO workspace neat, and put away any materials that you use.


a. All PTO Board and Committee members are expected to make their own copies, whether for distribution to students/parents, or for other purposes. The PTO is responsible for using PTO paper in the copier. This paper can be found in the PTO cabinet in the workroom. Our supplies are limited, so we ask that BEFORE you copy anything, the following criteria be met;

a.i. Is the item being copied necessary, or can it be distributed electronically? Items for distribution to PTO Board Members MUST be sent electronically.

a.ii. Have you minimized paper use by condensing information, and putting as many on one sheet of paper as possible? Whenever possible, items to be copied and distributed should be printed in . sheet, or . sheet format, to reduce the amount of paper/number of copies necessary. Another good option is to consider whether your notice can be combined with something else that needs to be sent out by another PTO member.

a.iii. Has the item been reviewed/approved by the appropriate PTO Board Member/RP Faculty?

b. All items for distribution to students MUST have prior approval before they are copied. An email copy should be sent to the appropriate parties, and responses received before copying.

b.i. All items for distribution to students MUST be pre-approved by BOTH the PTO President and the Principal or Vice Principal of RP.

c. Copies made at school are available in black ink only, no color. You may print your item on colored paper. Colored paper will be provided in the PTO cabinet. You may use it, but please remember to remove it from the copy machine when you are finished making copies.

d. Copies must be made on the copier in the TEACHER WORKROOM. Please avoid using the copier in the office. 


a. In order for us to publish student information and/or pictures, permission from the parents/guardians must be on file with the school district. If you want to use images of students for flyers, posters, yearbook, Facebook or our website, please contact the office, make sure every child has been identified in the photo, and that permission has been given to use their picture or name.


a. When sending information home with students, please count out your copies by class. A list of classes and number of students per class is taped above the counter, near the PTO cabinet, in the teacher workroom. Be sure to include one extra copy for the teacher, and place them in the teacher’s mailboxes in the office, no later than 3pm on the Monday before you want the notice to go home.


a. All information that is sent home with students should also be copied electronically (email) to the Communications PTO Board Member so that it may be placed on our website, and Facebook page (if applicable).

b. Any changes to information, or request for new information to be posted (i.e. event dates, thank you to parents for participation, update on information previously posted) must be sent to the Communications PTO Board Member electronically (email). Information will be posted as time permits, so please allow at least 24 hours for it to show up online.

c. When sending information to be posted, please be specific about what grade(s) and/or teacher(s) the information pertains too.


a. SignUpGenius will be used to fulfill volunteer requests for school-wide events, and requests will be sent to all who have signed up to volunteer, not just specific groups. Committee Chairs will create a sign up sheet for their needs through the SignUpGenius website. Our VIPS coordinator can help with this task if needed. After the signup sheet is created, please email our Communications VP with the link and any important info you would like sent out. She will then include the sign-up in an “all parents” email.


a. CASH RECEIPTS: CASH AND CHECKS SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THE SCHOOL, EXCEPT FOR THE TREASURER TO DEPOSIT. If money cannot be counted and turned into the Treasurer the day or night of an event, arrangements can be made to keep the money in the office safe. (Contact the Treasurer in advance to make these arrangements.) Please turn in checks/cash as soon as possible after your event. Do not hold a check more than 3 days.

a.i. All cash MUST be counted by the committee chair and at least one other person before turning into the Treasurer. (Please try to get another PTO member to count for you. We don’t want the office staff taking time out of their schedule.) Once counted and verified please complete the Receipts Form and turn into the Treasurer. If you are leaving the money in the office to be picked up by the Treasurer, please text or call so it can be picked up as soon as possible.

a.ii. All checks MUST be made out to Rock Prairie PTO. {If there is an exception to this, the committee chair will be notified before the event.} If you receive a check that is made out to any other person or entity, it is your responsibility to contact the person and get another check/cash before you turn it in.

a.iii. Please keep track of checks and cash payments for orders for your committee. The treasurer only keeps track of checks for bank deposits, not individual orders. When turning in a deposit to the treasurer, please provide an itemized list (spreadsheet or order form) for the treasurer to attach to the deposit records.


b.i. If you are purchasing items for PTO please take a sales tax exempt form with you when purchasing.

b.ii. Please complete the reimbursement form and turn in to the Treasurer. You may hand deliver it to the Treasurer (@ monthly PTO meetings is an ideal time), or leave it in the PTO box at school. Please note, the PTO box will be checked periodically but, not daily.

c. BUDGET ADHERENCE: For those committees with a budget, please keep track of your expenses and stay within that budget. If you think you are going to go over your budget, BEFORE you spend that money, please let the President, Vice President or Treasurer know. Any money spent over the budgeted amount must be presented to the PTO board and approved. 

d. PETTY CASH: If you need petty cash for an event, please let the Treasurer know at least one week prior to your event. Complete the petty cash form and turn in to the Treasurer. Once your event is over, this money should be counted and turned in separately from your other receipts.

e. TAX ID NUMBER: As a registered Non-Profit Organization, we do have our own Federal Tax ID#. Any money donated to our PTO can be done so as a tax free contribution. The Tax ID Number is only to be provided when absolutely necessary, or specifically requested, and may be obtained by contacting the Treasurer. Please guard it as you would your own Social Security Number.


a. As PTO Members, we are Ambassadors for RP, at all times. It is an inherent part of this job that your activities and decisions will be scrutinized, criticized, and called into question at times, either by other board members, RP Staff, or parent members. In the event that a problem arises, please notify the President or Vice President immediately, so that it can be dealt with quickly, and diplomatically. Please avoid any direct conflict or confrontation with the other party/parties, and refrain from discussing or gossiping about the situation or other party/parties. In order for us to maximize our volunteer base, and to function effectively and beneficially for the school, it is very important that we avoid all perception of being a clique, private club, or unapproachable, when issues arise. It is also important that we conduct our business as professionally and openly as we can. Our individual actions are both a reflection on the PTO, and on the school that we love and support.

b. If you are a voting member of PTO, your attendance at the monthly PTO meetings is mandatory. Your absence can affect the Board’s ability to vote and conduct business. If an event arises that prevents you from attending, please notify the PTO President or Vice President as soon as possible, and email any update you have for your committee so that it can be presented to the Board in your absence.

The most important part of this program is for you, our volunteers, to make the most of this experience, and to get the most enjoyment out of it that you can. These years, when your presence in the school lives of your children is seen, not as an embarrassment, but as a badge of honor, are fleeting, and probably some of the most important time you will give your child. Studies have proven, time and time again, that a parent who is involved in their children’s education, and who volunteers at the school on a regular basis, can drastically affect the education experience of their children. They are less likely to get into trouble, more likely to go to college, they learn to value the education they are given, and they FEEL your presence, even when they can’t see you. Enjoy this time, THANK YOU for offering your time and experience to us, and welcome to another great year at Rock Prairie Elementary!

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